Wednesday, January 26, 2011

new projects

Aren't they beautiful! I love Buffalo China

I just couldn't resist this blue Sparklett's bottle. I am going to take it to the lake house. Once summer is here I will post pictures of our remodeling of the 1960's place we bought.

I bought this light for my office. I am still looking for the perfect shade. It might look new but the cord tells a different story. My office is a complete disaster!!! When I find time to dig it out I'll post pictures. Steve made me a black desk/table from an old black chippy base and I have all my rose prints on the walls.

See the tall mirror, we found this beauty and I don't know where it will finally end up but the silver patina is to die for not to mention the curve and the height.

Here is our 5 year old NEW fireplace we have in our master bedroom. Can you see the mirror on top. I think I have a problem saying no to mirrors. Steve wonders why I buy them considering you cannot see a clear reflection of yourself  in any one of them. I say I love the patina and he just sighs.

New idea. I love the old school house lights but can't afford them. Here is the start of my version. This is a really rough example but when it's done and up I will re post a before and after together.

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