Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fun stuff!!

Here is the lamp I was going to put in my office. I changed my mind. I put it in the living room and  just added this awesome shade frame.

Love this footed silver tray, now filled with vintage stamps that happen to spell out my sons name.

Can you see the the black glass knobs I added as feet to my white grate. I used those florette's from a vintage mirror as the washers.

The grate holds all the beautiful salt shakers we have on the harvest table.

I feels good to be creative. My Dad would have liked the grate.
Steve and I have been working on the wainscoting. I hope to have pictures of the progress soon.


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  1. Hi Brenda! Stopping by way of Carol's and wanted to say Congratulations and give you a(hug). She is such a sweet heart! :-)
    Loving your home accents ~ I particularly have a fondness for vintage wire lamp shade frames and your addition of little "feet" to your grate is adorable. Happy to have met you and wishing you lots of success with Carol. Have a wonderful weekend ~ Rebecca